Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday morning aticles

Dave Coulson of Sporting News has an article about coaching changes in FCS/I-AA this year.

Speaking of coaching changes, a number of former UMass coaches lost assistant coaching jobs this year.

Former UMass coach and player Bill Durkin, was replaced after new Richmond Coach Mike London brought in his own staff.

Former UMass assistant coaches John Strollo and Brian Sherrod were replaced when former UMass coach Ted Roof was fired as head coach at Duke. Roof was hired as defensive coordinator at Minnesota.

In other news, Ricky Santos had his number retired at the UNH football banquet(with some bonus coverage of UMass hockey).


Anonymous said...

Thank you UMass Football Blogger! Because of you, I was able to order UMass vs. Lehigh and UMass vs. Georgia Southern at NCAA on demand. It was great seeing Shipp, Bankhead, Zullo, Ayi and others again and for the first time really appreciating the play of Price, Jordan, #44, the Bolden brothers and so many more. That was truly a great team that gave 100% of themselves. Are the McNeese St. and Northwestern St. games available anywhere? I'd love to have all four playoff games from 98 if I could. How was the DVD at this years banquet? Will it be made available to the gen. public? Thanks again for giving us everything UMass football.

UMass74 said...

Thanks for the kind words. I have a copy of the NC game on order myself. My live VCR tape copy is missing most of the first quarter because of that gd basketball game.

AFAIK, the McNeese and Northwestern games were not televised.

The '07 highlight film was great as usual. I assume they will be offering it again this year through the UMass on-line store.That one-handed catch by Rancher is worth the price right there.

Anonymous said...

That meaningless basketball game that went into OT. I was losing it at the local Chili's and they were telling me "calm down, you won't miss much". Only the biggest ambush in CG history! BTW, I got UMass mini helmet (3 of them!) on ebay.

UMass74 said...

LOL! I was throwing a memorable fit in my living room.

Mrs. Blog was saying "I'm not going to watch the game with you if you don't calm down."

Me: Bleep! I can't bleeping believe they're doing this bleeping bleep!

It's HARD being a fan :)