Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

The UMass Football Blog wishes the UMass Football on-line community a Happy Easter.

As you know from my "About Me" section in the blog, I'm also an amateur astronomer. Easter is an astronomical holiday since it tracks the Passover date based on a lunar calender.

Easter is always the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the Vernal Equnox.

Easter won't fall this early again (on March 23rd) until 2160 and won't fall on an earlier date (Mach 22nd) untill 2285. Wonder if we will make the playoffs that year...

Find the Easter date for any date.


Anonymous said...

Have a great one, Frank. The best to you and Mrs. Blog in the spring! Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

On an urelated note, i watched U of DE intra squad scrimmage yesterday. They were going live with full contact. Their I-A QB transfer from Ohio State was not the least bit impressive. He's big, 6-6, but a rather peculiar hitch in his throwing motion. He sort of pushes the ball with his elbow, somewhat like watching a girl throwing a ball. Quite surprising to say the least! He is in competion with a redshirt QB, Lou Rittaco for the starting job. I thought the frosh looked better.

UMass74 said...

RE: Delaware QB's

Anonymous said...

How about that supernova for off season news? Makes me feel small that it took 7 billion light years for that light to reach little ol' Earth. That star was 40x's bigger than our sun. Football scale terms of our sun versus the exploding one: a 300 pound O lineman versus a 12,000 pound D lineman. WOW!

Happy Easter to all and a little over 5 months until kickoff.

Anonymous said...

Incredible to think that what we are (now) seeing happened over how may billions of years ago, when the earth was not even formed (?) Puts things in perspective.