Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday before Hawaii--November 23rd, 2016

UMass football has a couple of videos from their visit.


Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts" has a recap of the BYU game.


Campus Insiders predicts Hawaii 37 UMass 28. says it'll be Senior Night for the Warriors.

The same station considers bowl options for Hawaii if they beat UMass.


Adam Breneman was not selected to be in the final three candidates for the Mackey Award.

I don't understand that one. Breneman has gone 66-788 7 TD's. He's #1 in receptions per game and he's done it against top competition.


Australia's latest export is college football's best punters.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ reports Tajae Sharpe has become a staple in the Titans offense (scroll down).


OT, but from the Amherst Police Blotter: Woman attempts to use a slice of Pizza as an ID.



Anonymous said...

Frank- please give us a fair update on where this program is heading next year. I've been following closely, but can't figure out if there is hope. Does Whipple have any fire? Is he unhappy with the schedule they gave him? Something has been up,find out and get back to us.

UMass74 said...

UMass should be better with a better won-loss record next year. Both Whipple and and the players had work through this year's schedule.

We had UMass' best ever recruiting class last year. We need another good year recruiting. If we do we'll make fast progress. Remember when Western Michigan went 0-12 back about when we joined the MAC? Then P.J. Fleck started signing all those MAC-leading recruiting classes. This year they're 11-0.They have wins over two Big 10 teams.

Our first two years in FBS were lost years. When Whipple arrived UMass only had about 50 scholarship players because of all the players who left during the Molnar era.

Anonymous said...

But if a scholarship is lost due to transfer, it can be replaced with another player.