Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday after BYU--November 20th, 2016

Well yesterday was a beautiful day. The weather was outstanding. Had fun talking with the friendly BYU fans and seeing Cougar stadium. Worth noting was the invocation at the start of the game that included prayer for a safe trip home for UMass players and fans.

UMass played a strong first half that mirrored the Minutemen's efforts against all of the Power Five schools we've played so far.

The second half was a self-inflected run of errors that turned a close game into a disheartening rout. Those 30 minutes were about the worst half of football I've seen a UMass team play in my memory. An my memory goes back to 1970...

The only option is to forget about it and try to do better next week against Hawaii.


Some UMass fans made the trip


UMass writeup.

BYU writeup.

BYU post game notes has quotes from Whipple and UMass players.


Dan Malone reports UMass gave up 44 unanswered points in the second half.

Matty Vautour says UMass fell apart in the second half.

The Salt Lake Tribune says a blocked punt started rout.

The Deseret News report Cougar special teams came up big in a rout of UMass.


The Florida Gators beat LSU in a game that featured a lot of talking.

Boston College blanked UConn.

FIU gained their first win ever against Marshall.

Mississippi State gave up 58 points in a loss to Arkansas.

Temple crushed Tulane 31-0.

Old Dominion kept their championship hopes alive by beating Florida Atlantic.

Louisiana Tech won their 7th straight to win C-USA's West title.

South Carolina won their sixth game to become bowl eligible.

Wagner beat St. Francis to finish their season 6-5.

Hawaii blocked a late field goal to edge Fresno State 14-13.



Anonymous said...

It's the same old "song and dance" from Whip and the players: "We can't make all those mistakes and beat a good team"! It really is very, very old! The Special teams coach(Michaels) is a disaster and I know the altitude was a problem but it seems every fricken week we've got guys laying on the ground after almost every play, mainly in the second half when the D is exhausted. I'm frustrated I know but it wears on you and you really have to wonder if this program will EVER get to be even a 500 team. Classy move by the holy rollers to kick a FG with 3 minutes left!

izy1 said...

That was a brutal beating.
UMASS fan contingent got some good airtime on ESPN3- that was the highlight of that game

Anonymous said...

While I wasn't loving the field goal you spoke of, it is rather difficult to burn 3 full minutes off the clock taking a knee. Though I suppose you could do it and turn it over on downs. Seriously, at that point in the game I don't think anyone cared one way or the other. As for our "not so special" teams play....just brutal. Lots of folks tired of the excuses and the horrific second half poundings we've endured. Every year I try to think of a highlight game. Last year's was the close loss to Temple. This year I'm running with the close loss to South Carolina. SO hard to be a UMass football fan.

Anonymous said...

"The second half was a self-inflected run of errors that turned a close game into a disheartening rout. Those 30 minutes were about the worst half of football I've seen a UMass team play in my memory. An my memory goes back to 1970..."

Most accurate and germane summary of UMass football post-FCS I've read. Well put.

I know the coaches deserve some criticism here, but at some point the players are culpable. Getting consistently blown out in second half play suggests to me a lack of will and poor execution. Maybe it's the lack of conditioning. But in nearly every first half we've played this season, the team has been a solid FBS opponent to P5 teams. In the second half, I'm seeing a D2 team being throttled and thrashed. I think UMass would get beaten by the top FCS teams in the second half the same way for the lack of conditioning.

minutefanjsf said...

We will be .500 or better next year. That is not maroon glasses, wait to see we will be better next year talk either. We have a lot of pieces coming back next year. There is obvious talent on this team. This is the first year we’ve played with real size and strength. All the young kids who have played, Rodgers, Palmer, etc. will be much better next year. I wish they played more, too. The strength of the team this year is in the sophomore class. Sophomores or younger are the guys that are producing. They will develop even more. There are some redshirts (including academic) that should pay off as well. When they finally turn the corner, which I still believe will be next year, we will not be a doormat any longer.

UMass74 said...

We played 12 freshmen against BYU. That's pretty unheard of.

The old coaching saw is "you lose one game for every freshman you start".

We need another good recruiting year and more sophomores :)

Anonymous said...

I was there as well and it is hard to comment on such a deflating and disheartening performance.
For what it's worth I don't think that the altitude had much to do with it.
Those were just plain mistakes, a blocked punt, two fumbles and a pick six in a very short span.........
Very little to cheer about.......

Auntie Tona said...

I want to say thank you for your updates. I'll be traveling on Wednesday to Hawaii for game. Would love to meet you and the Mrs.