Sunday, November 06, 2016

The Day after Troy University--November 6th, 2016

As I said yesterday, turnovers would make a difference. UMass gave up 14 points on the fumbled kickoff and the tipped interception. Those two events turned a close game into a runaway by Troy.

Nevertheless, we did some good things. We lost a shootout, which given Whipple's offense is what we envisioned when we play teams of Troy caliber. The offense scored 31 points and moved the ball all day as we did against South Carolina. We kicked a field goal.

The short handed UMasss defense forced five punts, added an INT and held Troy to 5-11 in third down situations. UMass finally has an bye week and maybe some of the injured Minutemen can play the last two games.


UMass writeup here.

Troy Univeristy writeup (along with quotes from both sides) here.


Dan Malone says a trick play sequence turned a close game into a rout.

Matty Vautour says UMass faltered late.

The Alabama New Network reports Troy rolls past UMass.

The Troy Tropolitan says the Trojans won their sixth straight.


The Florida Gators lost to Arkansas for the first time in 34 years.

Louisville crushed Boston College 52-7.

Western Kentucky beat FIU 49-21.

Mississippi State stunned #4 Texas A&M.

UCF squashed Tulane.

Old Dominion crushed Marshall to become bowl eligible.

High Octane Louisiana Tech blew by North Texas.

South Carolina beat Missouri to become one game away from bowl eligibility.

Wagner lost for the third straight time.

BYU's defense didn't give up a touchdown in 20-3 win over Cincinnati.

Hawaii was clobbered by San Diego State 55-0.



MinuteFan said...

Saying it was a close game and turnovers and mistakes turned it around for Troy is one way of looking at it. But UMass got that 14-point lead on an early interception as well, so that evened out. Turnovers, penalties, etc. are part of the game. You can't just subtract them from the result to find a silver lining. To say that is getting old is an understatement. Bottom line, from the time UMass had the 14-0 lead, they were outscored 52-10 until a last garbage-time TD made it look a bit better. That in no way is a close game.

I look at this year's schedule as essentially 7 games where we can judge the progress of this team. I will take out the three SEC teams and BYU, accepting that we are not going to win those games. And take out Wagner for the opposite reason. The ACC may be a stretch too, but BC is awful and is getting beat by 5 and 6 TDs many weeks. So I think its fair to say the way we were dominated in that game means something. We will most likely end up 1-6 in those games. Thank God for FIU.

Are we now going to dumb down expectations even further and say that we can't compete with the likes of Old Dominion, Troy and Louisiana Tech? If not, then after 5 years of playing an FBS schedule, who is fair competition for UMass? It looks like the answer is Villanova, Maine, UNH, JMU, etc. Remember them?

To me, 2017 is the make or break year for this experiment. If we have another 3 win season against Temple, Georgia Southern, App State, etc. then we just are not going to compete as an FBS team. I know the AD is really trying and I trust his competence. And I don't blame the coach either. But no conference, a likely 10-50 record over 5 years, an old stadium that will probably average about 8,000 fans, an apathetic state and disinterested student body are a lot to overcome. What conference is really going to want this team? Let's take off the maroon-colored glasses and ask that question objectively. In a state where our own legislators and many on the school faculty would love to get rid of football, the last five years have given them plenty of ammo.

I am not being negative, just realistic. I would love to be wrong. This was a bad idea from the start, but I bought my 4 season tickets and go to every game, and will do so to the bitter end. I just hope the final answer is back to the CAA where at least some of us found football enjoyable, and not the death of the program.

TopUMassFan said...

Minute-Fan,I agree wholeheartedly with your post.

Your dissection of the schedule is honest and fair and shows an accurate picture of where the program is and what it has to overcome.

The fan base is pathetic (Say what you want, it is), the stadium is not going to attract recruits (the Performance Center IS A PLUS!) and the 90 mile ride to Gillette is old. So are the excuses.

2017, all games on campus. The student body and Western MA fans need to step up and show up. We need better than 3-9...5-7,6-6,7-5 have to be a realization when the dust settles.

Football was fun in the CAA...we had rivalries, fans,winning seasons, playoffs.

How can Maine, UNH, URI, Stoney Brook, Albany continue to play DVD football AND SURVIVE but we COULDN'T?

One more year of this pounding and I say we beg the CAA to take us back.

TopUMassFan said...

For some reason, spell check changed "FCS" to "DVD".