Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday--November 30th, 2016

H3 East traffic
Good Morning. Mrs Blog and I are moving to Kauai for a week. I'll be good to get away from the Honolulu traffic.


Andrew Cyr's last UMass football column. Cyr did a good job. Accurate reporting and no mixing of personal hobby-horses.


Rotoworld has a post on Coach Whipple's status going into his fourth year.


College football coaching changes as of November 28th.


Tajae Sharpe was held to 11 yards in week #12.

James Ihedigbo's role with the Bills continues to grow.


OT, but did you see this 593 foot basketball shot?


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your work this year.
Enjoy Kauai!
Looking forward to more success recruiting
We can't be playing 12 freshmen against Tennessee next year (or anyone else)!