Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday of the Bye Week--November 11th, 2016

I was watching Georgia Southern play Louisiana Lafayette on TV last night. I've mentioned a number of times here in the blog, that the Sun Belt Conference would not be a bad fit for UMass football.

The level of support, the stadiums and the general posture of the football programs, is a pretty good match for UMass. The league is highly competitive. This article from the Las Cruces Sun-New says for most Sun Belt teams, every game is winnable. We have an actual history with Appalachian State and Georgia Southern. I think the games would resonate with Minuteman fans a lot more than any of the MAC teams did.

Obviously, in terms of revenue and playing UConn and Temple, the AAC would be by far the best all-sports league. However, if it looks like there will be no realignment of the AAC in sight for a decade or so, a football-only Sun Belt slot could be a good place for UMass football to be. I just think it would flat work from a football perspective.


There's a lot of connections when BYU meets FCS Southern Utah.


Boise State is all business when they travel to Hawaii to take on the Rainbow Warriors.


FIU player Jonnu Smith was badly burned when his girlfriend poured boiling water on him.


BC plays Florida Sate tonight on ESPN2.


Today's Veterans Day. We are the home of the free because of the brave. When Mrs Blog and I left Virginia Beach because of the hurricane we stopped at Gettysburg. The two monuments below belong to two Massachusetts units. The 9th Mass Battery was in its first fight at Gettysburg. It lost all but one of its officers, 20 enlisted men, 80 horses and four of its six guns in the fight for the Wheat field. Lincoln and congress didn't end slavery in our country. The men in blue did.


Anonymous said...

The Sun Belt would be a terrible fit for UMass, for a number of reasons. It's not all about the level of competition.

First, UMass shares nothing in common with the other schools in the Sun Belt. Nearly all the schools in that conference are community colleges compared to UMass.

UMass would also be a huge geographic outlier to the rest of the league. This is a league that just booted Idaho and NMSU for being too far away, and NMSU was willing to pay a lot of money and join in all sports and the Sun Belt still said 'no'.

UMass also asked the Sun Belt once about football-only membership a couple/three years ago now and the Sun Belt also said 'no'. They don't want affiliate members, and they don't want members outside of their geographic and cultural footprint.

The Sun Belt would have to be in a real, real bad way to agree to take UMass on as an affiliate member. And make no mistake, that's all it would be. UMass would not and should never agree to go all sports in a conference like that.

As far as conferences go, it's really the AAC or bust for UMass at this stage. Things can always change, but the Minutemen need some realignment to get in to their preferred landing spot.

izy1 said...

Thank You to all veteran's (living and those lost) for your duty and sacrifices for our country.This country would be nothing without those who unselfishly protect us all.