Saturday, November 05, 2016

Game Day Troy University--November 5th, 2016

Another Saturday, another very strong opponent for the Minutemen. UMass will play five Power Five opponents this year. Louisiana Tech and Troy are a combined 12-4 (and did you notice Tech beat Rice last week 61-16?). We sure haven't ducked playing good teams. Old Dominion needs one game to be bowl eligible. Not a lot of room in this schedule for wins.

Nevertheless, UMass has played well against strong teams this year. The offense has been scoring points over the last four games. We need to control the ball and keep the Trojan offense off the field. Troy is 6-1, but has played some close games this year. Troy is +7 in turnover margin in 2016. UMass in -6. If the Minutemen could win that stat, we could be in this game.

Go UMass!!!


The game will be televised on ESPN3.


Matty Vautour says UMass attempts to take down bowl-bound Troy.


Hoeller will be on the ballot for Academic All-American status.


Troy, if it runs the table could be in contention for a New Year's day bowl.


UConn lost to Temple last night 21-0.



vetteson said...

Another Tulane game....

Anonymous said...

When someone sees Tim Kenney or John McCutcheon, ask them if they really hired Kevin Morris and then Charley Molnar over Neal Brown-both times, and then Whipple over Brown a third time. Whipple was made to look like a fool within a minute, upmen not prepared to receive the football, and then his defense giving up the TD. Coaching mismatch.

minutefanjsf said...

The kid who dropped the ball was a senior and Whip said they practiced it. All the kid had to do was catch it. As to the defense, that is Masella, who should be gone next year. But, who replaces him? Hopefully not the guy who is coaching the DB’s to give a cushion into the end zone......