Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday--August 21st, 2016

Watched the Ravens-Colts game last night. Vladimir Ducasse was playing RG for Baltimore.

Ducasse started 6 games for Chicago last year and the Bears won five of the six. Ducasse is in his seventh year in the NFL.


Titans Online image says Tajae Sharpe is one of the top-five fantasy football picks.

The Tennessean reports Marcus Mariota and Tajae Sharpe look like old pros.

Sharpe caught all six passes thrown to him against Panthers.

If you're only going to read one of these links, read Tajae Sharpe looks like a real gem for the Titans.


Pilot Online says Old Dominion will have hustle to keep their sellout streak going for the UMass and FIU games on October 8th and November 26th respectively.


Sports on Earth previews the FBS independents and predicts UMass will go 2-10.


SEC Country reports analysts are saying Florida's D-line is the best in the SEC, but the Gators want to be the best in the nation.


BC holds final scrimmage of fall camp and starts to prepare for Georgia Tech.



Anonymous said...

Would've liked to have seen Tajae in a Pats uniform hauling in catches from Brady or Garoppolo. What an impressive young man.Great parents+ Excellent school+Top coaching+strong resolve and attitude= Success in all aspects of life.

UMass74 said...

NFL scouts and franchises consistently overrate speed. Track guys are rarely stars at either the college or NFL level.

As long as the receiver has at least equal or close to the speed of the defense, he can be successful. I've heard Whipple say a number of times "you can beat 'em with routes". If the WR runs the routes correctly, it's a difficult matchup for the defender. The receiver knows where he's going, the DB does not. Run precise routes and catch the damm ball. Sharpe was where Mariota thought he would be and he caught all six balls thrown to him. That'll get him on the roster.