Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday--August 16th, 2016

New NFL Bag policy will apply for the UMass games being played at Gillette.


Matty Vautour has a post on the UMass receiving corps. As I stated on Monday, one of the most impressive sights at Saturday's scrimmage was the receivers. They were catching everything. Almost no drops the whole evening.

UMass gets Bernard Davis back from a redshirt. Jalen Williams has been limited with an injury. Shakur Nesmith has been inconsistent. When Whipple showed some film from previous practices, one of the clips was a DB intercepting a ball in the end zone. That was against Nesmith. The DB went up for the ball and Nesmith didn't.

Whipple has praised Andy Isabella as improving his pass catching skills. Isabella played last year and had a number of drops.

Freshman Sadiq Palmer and Elijah Robinson are in the mix and I think one or both won't redshirt. Brennon Dingle is an academic redshirt and will not play in 2016. It's not his grades as I think Whipple said Dingle was missing one class for academic qualification.

Watch Sadiq Palmer go up for a pass in Saturday's scrimmage.


For troubled Gator WR Antonio Callaway, the wheels go round and round.


Fan Sided says UMass and Western Carolina are the only certain wins in 2016 for South Carolina .


Don Brown is adding lots of wrinkles to Michigan's defense.


The Tennessean has five questions with Tajae Sharpe.

Sharpe is back on the practice field after being evaluated for a concussion.


BC Interruption says the Eagles offense is improving.


SB Nation evaluates Mississippi State's 2016 status.



vetteson said...

Hearing about all these guaranteed wins for everyone playing UMass has to be a great motivator for the team. We lost four games last season by a TD or less, well into the season with lots of injuries to a thin team. Otherwise a 7 win season. All the team lacks now is experience in two or three positions. We could use some luck this season but we could surprise some people.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

UMass media relations is now a mess, no coverage of media day,poor web site. They praise themselves quite a bit though. Jason was never replaced.

Anonymous said...

If Don Brown has another year or two like last year and years previous, the NFL is sure to offer.

UMass74 said...

AFAIK, UMass Media Day is not open to the public any more.

Last August, I was told by Molly I was no longer welcome--and not very diplomatically either.

Anonymous said...

Talk about cutting off the hand that feeds you you! Tell Molly to do her job,because except for mom and dad,no one thinks she is getting it done. Frank-your blog is the best source of information for UMass football. UMass athletics website is similar to a high schools.

Chizzle15 said...

Frank... sorry to hear that weren't welcome. Your blog has always been positive and I feel you should have media access because you only help promote the university.

UMass74 said...

I know I'm not a "real" journalist. I never asked to be able to interview coaches or players.

It was nice to get the Athletic Dept press releases. It was informative to hear Whipple speak.

It's their shop. They can do anything they want. It would have been nice to be a little more gracious.

Anonymous said...

Hiring a bunch of kids with no experience has been a mistake by UMASS. Where has McElroy been the last six months? Dismissed? MIA? UMASS could use all the help they can get. Throwing Frank out was and is just plain WRONG!!!