Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday--August 25th, 2016

UMass has a 2016 Press Guide here. It's a .pdf download. Staples or Kinkos will print it out and bind in spiral format for about $10 or so.


The first UMass football luncheon will be held on August 31st.

There will also be a Pep Rally at the Boston Harbor Hotel on Friday September 9th, which is the day before the Boston College game.


Dan Malone has a post on James Allen, the player formerly known as James Oliphant. UMass needs all the defensive help it can get, so Allen's resurgence would help. His kick returns would also help to give the offensive a shorter field. Allen went 34-785 23.1 AVE 1 TD 97 LONG in 2015.


Matty Vautour has a story about Jackson Porter returning to the defensive backfield.


The Sentinel & Enterprise has a story about UMass featuring DL coach Matt Dawson.


SEC Country mentions Ross Comis being named starter for the Florida game.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- predicts Florida's season.

The Gators will start working on their game plan for UMass today.


The Montgomery Advisor looks at South Carolina.


Victor Cruz is looking better at camp.

247Sports remembers when a undrafted free agent had a breakout game against the Jets.


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