Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wednesday--August 10th, 2016

Dan Malone has a very early look at projected starters. In 2016 the Minutemen signed their best ever recruiting class. There is just too much talent for some of them to be redshirted.

At RB, UMass only had two scholarship RB's on the roster. I expect one or both of Peytton Pickett and Bilal Ally to play this year.

At WR once we get beyond Jalen Williams and Shakur Nesmith, things look iffy. I would expect three-star recruits Brennon Dingle and Sadiq Palmer to get long looks.

TE was and is a talent hole in the Minutemen roster. Hopefully Penn State transfer Adam Breneman has some gas left in his tank, but true freshman Cody Banks and Avien Peah, both three star recruits have too much talent to sit.


Adam Aucoin of the Daily Collegian reports UMass looks for a balanced rushing attack this year.


Meanwhile UMass has added six JUCO's the defensive roster. In the first four years, the defense was kinda the step child of recruiting. The recruiting mix usually ran about 60-40 in favor of offensive players. The UMass defense needed more bodies. This year UMass has added:

DaVone Hall DL
Rod Jones DL
Colbert Calhoun LB
Ali Ali-Musa DL
Teddy Lowery LB/S

New to the mix is Domenico Cipriani a 6-4 270 DL form IMG Academy Football. has video on Cipriani.

Andrew Cyr of the UMass Daily Collegian says UMass adds size and depth for 2016.

Mike Traini has a post on Rod Jones joining the Minutemen and has some information on the other JUCO defensive players.


Dan has a post on Penn State transfer Adam Breneman. If he can stay healthy, it'll be a big boost to the Minutemen.


Matty Vautour has a report on Sekai Lindsay and also mention freshman RB's Peytton Picket and Bilal Ally.


BC Interruption interviews Mike Traini on the state of the 2016 Minutemen.

BC Interruption also does a preview of UMass.


The Tennessean has a bunch of images of Tajae Sharpe from the Titans camp.

The Columbia Daily Herald says Sharpe made two excellent plays in yesterday's camp.


Victor Cruz may not play in the Giants first preseason game due to "groin tightness".


Georgia Tech's Mike Bobinski seems to leaving for Purdue. Would the Wreck's make a run at Ryan Bamford? UMass could not match their finances.



Anonymous said...

Any idea what happened to Tyler Thompson?

Bob T said...

Is Rod Jones the steal of the century, or do others know something we don't?

Chizzle15 said...

Tyler Thompson went prep for a semester. He mentioned on twitter that he still plans on going to UMass in Jan.