Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday--August 13th, 2016

Matty Vautour has a post on Minutemen TE's for 2016. Playing are Penn State transfer Adam Breneman , former QB Todd Stafford, Australian import Travis Reynolds, Shaquille Harris (6-62 in 2015) as well as true freshmen Cody Banks, Avien Peah and Cole Morrison.

Both Taylor Edwards and Kyle Horn are out for the season with knee injuries.


I've blogged about former UMass player Tom Gilson a number of times before. Boston Sports Barrage says Gilson is a star in the making.


Former UMass RB Lorenzo Woodley is playing for the Minnesota Mavericks.


Florida hopes for less drama and more offense in 2016.

The Gators best WR is cleared on title IX sexual assault and will be eligible to play against UMass.

All coaches need something to get after their team for. In the Gators case, it was an "unacceptable" practice.


The SEC Network add sideline reporters for games including UMass at Florida.


Dual-threat QB Elijah Staley is transferring from Mississippi State. He had an offer from UMass when he was being recruited...


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Anonymous said...

Love the new UMass athletics football page,all the action photos on each bio page shows only the torso,heads cut