Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday--August 20th, 2016

UMass has a practice at Gillette.

They then hit the beach for a cookout.

From the UMass Twitter feed

How Luke Del Rio became the starting QB for the Gators.

Florida coach Jim McElwain embraces the chaos that has been the Gators training camp.

2016 Gators pump-up


Fan Sided previews the 2016 Boston College Eagles.

BC WR Elijah Robinson hopes to add a vertical dimension to BC's offense.

Campus Insiders looks at every game of the Eagles' schedule and predicts a "blowout" win over the Minutemen.

Eagles 2016 hype video above.


Iowa State's president says the Big 12's expansion decision may take longer than anticipated.

CBS Sports ranks the top-ten suitors for Big 10 membership.



soomass said...

It's Luke Del Rio! But Jack will show up in a suit.

UMass74 said...

Fixed. Thanks for the catch.