Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Wednesday--May 4th, 2016

The UMass Football Twitter feed says Jovan Santos-Knox gets a tryout with the Eagles. Nothing yet on Philly's website.


Dairyland  Express looks at the Packers' free agents including Randall Jette.


NY Giants blog "Big Blue View" mentions Kessan Messiah in their Giants free agent tracking.


University of Memphis lobbies for inclusion in the Big Twelve's expansion plans.

The AAC is on alert for losses to the Big 12.

UConn has hopes to be chosen too.

Even if UConn left the AAC to join the Big 12, the AAC would be the league of choice for UMass. The AAC would still have Temple and the rest of the league have athletic footprints similar to the Minutemen. We could compete in the AAC. UConn's powerhouse hoops programs would do well in the Big 12, but Husky football would have a tough time.


BYU, another Big 12 hopeful, had only one player in the NFL Draft.


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