Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday--May 11th, 2016

Some web bot discovered the blog yesterday. Had 22,000 page views before midnight.


Victor Cruz says there's no rivalry with Sterling Shepard.

Newsday reports Cruz is feelin' good about his comeback.

CBS Sports relates Cruz has been on a "pitch count" in team drills.


As the Big 12 inches closer to expansion, Conference USA and the AAC brace for the impact.

A Temple professor thinks Temple should be at the top of the list for Big 12 expansion. In recent days, I've linked to articles declaring BYU, Boise State, UConn are all ideal candidates. Nice that a Owls prof supports his school though...

ESPN reports school officials from Houston, Memphis, UCF and Colorado State are lobbying the Big 12 for admission.


Arkansas HC Brett Bielema thinks undrafted underclassmen should be allowed to return to school. Since the NCAA penalizes schools if they don't meet a standard APR, then yes, the NCAA should allow kids to return to school.


The Daily Herald says they can't wait for 2016 opponent BYU's season to open. The article mentions the atmosphere at LaVell Edwards Stadium. God willing, Mrs Blog and I will be there to watch the Minutemen play the Cougars.


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Anonymous said...

Thank gawd we got rid of McCutcheon and did not hire Tim Kenney. Those two will be remembered for hiring Charley Molnar, John Micheletto and Sharon Dawley. They are now dubbed dumb and dumber. Thank gawd we have a new crew running the show. No more excuses, hopefully we can raise in a year,just half of what Rutgers athletics raised in four months(50mil). That is an area that needs to improve and fast. No excuses.