Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday--May 12th, 2016

Join Coach Whipple and the other coaches at the annual Golf outing on 06/29/16. It's a great opportunity to meet and talk with all the Athletic Department personalities.


SBS Nation previews the 2016 Minutemen and reports things are looking up.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ reports UMass may attend a recruiting satellite recruiting camp in New Jersey on June 7th.


Condolences to the UMass women's rowing team, who lost the A10 Championship on a tie-breaker. During the UMass Football Spring Game a friend and I sat with four members of the rowing team. They were sharp, well-spoken young women.


Speaking of satellite camps, the Florida Gators will sponsor two in June.

BC and UConn will attend Michigan's recruiting camp at Cheshire Academy in CT on June 4th.


Speaking of UConn, Today's Sports says the Big 12 would hurt UConn hoops.


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