Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday--May 20th, 2016

The BC Blog "BC Interruption" says the October 10th, game between the Minutemen and the Eagles will have its start time determined by the UMass athletic dept.


A BYU writer ranks the 2016 Cougar's schedule by excitement.


The Tennessean says Tajae Sharpe is a virtual lock to make the Titans roster.


As an honorary member of the SEC this year, UMass fans will be interested in 16 reasons the SEC will rule the 2016 college football season.


The Hartford Courant has a story on how UConn recruits for football.

A San Antonio newspaper wonders if ESPN would push for UConn to be admitted to the Big12.



Anonymous said...

Why the repeated references to UMass dropping football altogether? I've read this in several articles about teams playing UMass.

UMass74 said...

Funny you should mention that. I e-mailed the author of the BYU article and explained about the non-binding motion in the facility senate that was roundly defeated and dismissed by the UMass chancellor as "ridiculous".

It's the down side of this motion coming up every year. The media does not check primary sources and sees a headline entitled "UMass considers downgrading football" and runs with it. Then sports columnists read Google headlines and keep running with it. I've seen a half a dozen articles with the same stuff.

BTW, I received the following reply:

"Mr. Smith,

I appreciate you reading my article and I also appreciate your correction. I am glad to hear they will not be shutting down the football program. I look forward to welcoming you to LaVell Edwards Stadium in November.

Regards, Dylan Cannon"

For some reason I can't get into SB to say the same thing in the comments, so if another UMass fan could, it would help.

It would also help if professor what's-his-name would stop beating a dead horse every year. As long as he does, expect another round of echos...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Frank. Good to know.