Sunday, May 01, 2016

Sunday--May 1st, 2016


Robert Kitching gets a Ravens tryout.


Kassan Messiah gets a NY Giants tryout.

This April 27th article from features Messiah and the NFL Draft.


Dan Malone has stories about UMass Free Agent signings.

Randall Jette signs with the Packers.

Blake Frohnapfel is invited to a Colts mini-camp. on Frohnapfel being invited to a mini-camp.

Marken Michel gets a Free Agent contract with the Vikings.


The Packers signed 17 UDFAs


Two Vikings Free Agents made the 53 man roster last year.


ESPN writer says the Tennessee Titans draft (including Tajae Sharpe) looks like better players than they currently have.

The Hattiesburg American says the Titans won big in the draft.

SB Nation gives Sharpe some props in this draft summary (scroll to Tennessee).


OT, but a Dogs fan I know thinks the Pats got a steal with Malcolm Mitchell if he stays healthy.

Mitchell's 45 yard TD against the Gators.


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Auntie Tona said...

Add Kassan Messiah Jr..going to Giants rookie camp. Pretty good showing for the Minutemen.