Saturday, May 07, 2016

Saturday--May 7th, 2016

UPDATE: I forgot to mention I added a link to the DuBois Library falcon cam. It's in the "other UMass fan sites" section of the blog sidebar. I'll keep it up while the falcons are nesting.


How Odel Becham and Victor Cruz defied the "short" label.


New England Patriots image

Lyndsey Raucher, a member of the UMass Dance Team is named a member of the Patriots cheerleading squad.


Sports says UConn should be a lock for the Big 12 expansion. ranks the Huskies last in potential Big 12 candidates.

One name not being considered is 2016 opponent Tulane.


ESPN projects Mississippi State as #24 in FBS and predicted the Bulldogs will make another bowl game.



Anonymous said...

Great news coming for Umass Football!!#$$$,$$$,$$$WOW:)whoisnext

Anonymous said...

New stadium to be announced.

Happy Mothers day to all.