Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday--May 17th, 2016

UMass-Tulane moved to McGuirk. Another great move by A.D. Ryan Bamford. I'd heard that Tulane had been reluctant to give up the visit to Gillette. UMass will now have three games each at McGuirk and Gillette.

Tulane will be probably the biggest "name' team to ever visit McGuirk except for Boston College. The MAC teams has some history behind them such as Miami being "the cradle of coaches", but Tulane went to the Rose Bowl in 1931 and started the series with LSU that became the Sugar Bowl.

Tulane history here.

It would be nice if Homecoming 2016 was sellout against the Green Wave.

Matty Vautour has a post about the Tulane game and possible temporary improvements to McGuirk.


Dan Malone has a report on what Tajae Sharpe and the Minutemen free agents are up to in the Pros.


UMass is on the short list of possible teams to play at Arkansas in 2020. One of my buddies in the Navy was a big Hogs fan. When I see anything about Arkansas, I think of his "Wooeee! Go Hogs!". He had a whole litany of back-woods Southern expressions that kept us all in stitches. None of them were politically correct in this day and age, but he was fun to be around.


Tajae Sharpe brings his own football to Titans camp.

BTW, the Titans made some QB moves Monday.


Vladimir Ducasse signs a free agent contract with the Baltimore Ravens.


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Anonymous said...

That article is about Oklahoma, not Arkansas. I know it ruins the anecdote you have but that's a chance for UMass to play in Norman, not in AR.