Saturday, May 28, 2016

Recruiting 2017--Auston Burton and James Brown

The Orlando Sentinel has a story about central Florida QBs in the 2017 recruiting class. UMass has offered to two of them.

I've blogged about Auston Burton before. He's a 6-3 203 pound pro-style QB originally from Newton Center, MA. The article says he recently transferred to West Orange, FL.

ESPN page here.

On May 17th, 2016 a article on 2017 "sleepers" in the 2017 recruiting class had this to say about Burton.

"Good sized passer who consistently hit the mark with his passes and has good size. Has a UMass offer, but still categorizes as a sleeper in our eyes."


I've also blogged about James Brown before. He's a 6-4 205 pound pro-style QB from Orlando Jones HS in Florida.

Some of Brown's stats from the Nike Orlando football event (enter James Brown into the search box).



Anonymous said...

The weekly Boston Globe hit piece on UMass is out. This time the author is a 2010 comparative religion graduate from BU. What a surprise, they don't like umass getting better and better.Don't be afraid to let them know their bias has been well established, even their articles contradict the premise. UMass is on par with other state universities when it comes to distribution of in and out of state students. Smfh

UMass74 said...

I've said a number of times in the blog this is VERY strange. AFAIK, there is no other state where the dominate media outlet has a hair up their ass about the flagship university.

Anonymous said...

The pioneer institute, which is in bed with all the private schools, is carrying the water for them. They are having many great potential students being poached by umass. When will UMass alumni stick up for their school?

Anonymous said...

Of course it's the globe. The same paper, this week that was reporting on so "missing" BC student, on her graduation day. The parents got the police,and media in a frenzy, because the daughter was missing for 8.5 hours. When found passed out in a nearby park, not one mention of it. Just that she was found "safe". Google Dana Morrissey for all the stories.