Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wednesday--December 30th, 2015

Bob McGovern reports UMass will have two more recruiting weekends in Amherst before Letter-of-Intent day.


UMass did well in its "EPA Game Day" effort to recycle trash at McGuirk.


And now, a new recruiting expense: custom graphics.


ESPN says a Group-of-Five team has a "tricky, but possible" chance to make the college football playoffs.


Will Chip Kelly return to college football?

With Kelly gone, there probably will be some turnover in Eagles assistant coaches. Coaches with UMass ties include Mike Dawson, Jerry Assinaro and Brian Smith.



Anonymous said...

I looked at next year'schedule---toughest yet. Can we really compete with Florida?

William Reich said...

Realistically, not a chance. We can hope we play up to them and they play down to us, but they are bigger and faster to the point they are on a different tier. Sure, anyone can win any game, but there's probably going to be a 30 point betting line.

UMass74 said...

If you haven't been following UMass football, we needed games to fill in the 2016 schedule. New A.D Bamford had to take what he could get for 2016. We probably won't be competitive with any of the three SEC games. The upside is we will make a ton of $$$ ($1.5 million for South Carolina alone).

The 2017 is much better and more representative of what UMass wants to play as an independent. Blame the previous A.D. for leaving UMass with an unfinished 2016 schedule.

Anonymous said...

Blame the previous regime for doing nothing but collecting their checks. McCutcheon was told to look for a new job more than two years ago, and Kenney was told to get lost last winter also. Those two are already failing in the new destinations, Kenney at SBU is already on thin ice, alienating longtime basketball supporters. There is a strong movement to oust him already!! He won't last beyond 2017. He did nothing for UMASS, except sit around, go for coffee and read the paper. Oh baby!! Tim Kenney was referred to by the Krafts, as the reason UMASS football was doomed from the start. He showed them what a bad marketer looks like. I think Bamford, realized he was starting from scratch after those two dysfunctional admins.What a refreshing change in management.