Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday--December 23rd, 2015


Detroit Free Press says Don Brown's defenses are "crazy". More quotes from former UMass players.

MLive has another article about Brown with yet more stories about him from former Minutemen players.


Big night for the MAC in bowl games.

Akron celebrates its first bowl win in 116 years. Bowden says the win at UMass turned the Zips season around.

Toledo was all over Temple's killer defense in a 32-17 win in the Boca Raton Bowl. The Owls had 67 total yards of offense in the first half and the Rockets broke off a number of big plays offensively.


Lotsa turmoil in the Gator ranks as one player has been dismissed, one transfers and two under grads declare for the NFL draft.

Luke Del Rio, the son of former NFL QB Jack Del Rio could start against the Minutemen.


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Anonymous said...

The Boston Globe, owned by John Henry, who owns Fenway Sports Properties, who has the rights to promoting BC Athletics, takes yet another hit piece on UMASS football. Meanwhile UMASS alums, fans, will take the beating like fools. No one will speak up for their school, no one donates money, they would rather buy Tom Brady shirts, Life is good shirts, and complain why UMASS can't win. The answer=UMASS alums who turn their back on their school. No pride. Until they care, they will take their beatings from the Globe, Dan Shaughnessy, their professors, even the local radio station WHYN Springfield constantly bashes UMASS. Frank you are a true supporter, I wish for more.