Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday--December 10th, 2015

From the NFF Awards press conference transcript.:

CHRIS COTTER: Congratulations on a great

Next up from the University of Massachusetts
is quarterback Blake Frohnapfel who holds a
3.65 GPA in finance and economics. Working
on his MBA as well. First team All-MAC
selection. Just one of just three quarterbacks
in UMass history to throw for more than
6,000 yards. Blake, you said your dream job is
to be an NFL GM. How do you think your time
at UMass has prepared you for that job?

BLAKE FROHNAPFEL: I had a chance to go
to Marshall university first and kind of learn the
business side of the science of economics and
then transferred to UMass, which has a top-50
MBA program and arguably the best sports
management program in the country. I've been
surrounded by a lot of great students in that
program. There's such a big alumni network
with player executives and player personnel
who -- I mean, it definitely opened a lot of
doors for me just to have a chance to go to

CHRIS COTTER: Congratulations, Blake.


There's a podcast interview with Tajae Sharpe here.

Sharpe also has an open letter of thanks to the UMass Community. Sharpe is a class act and he'll either be in the NFL or be coaching in it someday.

Dan Malone has a post on Sharpe's letter.


Dan continues his series with A.D. Ryan Bamford about Big 12 expansion and more.


A Syracuse blog thinks Dino Barbers will give the Orange an advantage in Northeast recruiting. Note that the UMass offense (in what everybody thought was an off year) was the top offense in the Northeast.


Sports Illustrated looks at the non-Heisman college football awards for 2015.


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Anonymous said...

Bamford should spend more time hiring marketing/sales personnel, rather than engaging nitwits on twitter. The ads for football were bad, not targeting a specific group, using an out of town voice who mispronounced the school's stadium. Basketball ads are worse, not one ad for Springfield game, no publicity,no local radio promotion, Calipari game is 6 days away, and the average Joe in WMASS knows nothing about it at all. Providence is ranked and playing in Amherst in 10 days, yet again no one has hyped this game either. He inherited many known nothing/do nothing people in the athletic dept., but he is know looking more like them-ineffective. is not your target- they are your base. Neglecting the average Joe is why no one goes to these games. The product is good, the sales are bad. Get out of Amherst and look for new customers.