Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Wednesday--December 2nd, 2015

#78 Matt Sparks
UMass senior center Matt Sparks was named co-UMass Fall scholar-Athlete.


Matty Vautour looks at next year's replacements for the graduating seniors. The three positions the Minutemen should see big changes are quarterback, TE and WR.

James Sosinski made the traveling squad this year. I'd speculate going into Spring ball the order would be:

  1. Ross Comis
  2. James Sosinski
  3. Austin Whipple
On TE, UMass does not have a blocking TE on the roster. Travis Reynolds seems to be a good athlete, but the Minutemen need recruiting help big time in this position.

For WR, UMass is better stocked, but do they have a feature "X" receiver? Hawaii transfer Darren Josey and FR Lamarriel Taylor have potential. Jalen Williams and Shakur Nesmith are probably the top returning receivers.

UMass signed two players in 2015 who ended up in Prep school: Artayvious Lynn and Sam Franklin. Whipple has said he would still like both to attend UMass.

Matty also looks at next year's defensive team. The defensive front seven needs recruiting priority. Jake Largay 6-6 310 is the only NT on the roster.


The Register-Star remembers former UMass QB John Kraham.


The win over Buffalo moved UMass out of CBS Sports Bottom-25.

Keeper's College football rankings has UMass as #107 (.htm down load). Note the Minutemen's relatively high strength-of-schedule. Boston College is ranked #90 despite two of their three wins came against FCS teams.


Hustle Belt looks at the NIU-Bowling Green MAC championship game.



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UMASS has a game in Springfield this weekend? Best kept secret.

Anonymous said...

UMASS fans best fill up MASS MUTUAL CENTER in Springfield Saturday. Great opponent,(Ole Miss), great time (4PM), great weather. Fun team(UMASS) to watch. NO EXCUSES!!