Thursday, December 03, 2015

Thursday--December 3rd, 2015

Six UMass players were named to MAC All-Conference teams.

Minutemen fans will take particular satisfaction in Logan Laurent being named 3rd team All-Conference punter. After four year of struggles, special teams got better.

Logan Laurent
Laurent went:

Punting: 63-2660 56 LONG 42.2 AVE
PAT 25-25 100%

Dan Malone has a post on Tajae Sharpe playing in the NFLPA college bowl and the All-Conference awards.

Bob McGovern also has a post on the All-Conference awards.


All the MAC awards here.


Western Michigan is going to the Bahamas Bowl.


Three running backs have left Boston College. One of them, Marcus Outlow, received offers from Ohio State, Clemson, Florida and others.


Lots of moves in the coaching carousel.  Mike London, the father of former UMass player Brandon London, resigned at Virginia.



Anonymous said...

In case the UMASS Athletic Department has not is time to dump ADIDAS, as official outfitter. My 6-8th grade basketball team in the 70's, had uniforms that fit and looked better. Embarrassing. Stop being a clown show.

izy1 said...

Really anonymous? You must have stock in Starter or Nike.
The uniforms don't make the team, the players do.

Anonymous said...

I think he was referring to the uniforms. Take a look at Hollaway and the shorts of all the players, they don't fit.

minutefanjsf said...

The players get to pick their sizes and the uniforms are basically custom made. If they don’t fit, it is because they were either ordered wrong or the players chose to look that way.