Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Tuesday--December 8th, 2015

Blake Frohnapfel, Tajae Sharpe and Jovan Santos-Knox received awards from New England Football writers.

Blake Frohnapfel in NYC for the NFF Network Scholar-Athlete Awards dinner.

UPDATE: All-day video from ESPN3 covering the various activities of the event.


Hustle Belt looks at the seven MAC bowl games.

They also consider the gifts the players receive for playing in the various bowls.


Syracuse hires Bowling Green's Dino Barbers as head coach. BTW, he's the Orange's fourth head coach in seven years....


The NY Daily News recounts Victor Cruz's 2011 99-yard TD catch that changed the Giants season.


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Anonymous said...

Memo to UMASS athletic department. Stop congratulating each other so much, do something first. Also, who is responsible for bringing a UMASS banner to NYC for the awards ceremony? Only school without on.smh