Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday--December 29th, 2015

Matty Vautour says the upcoming Big 12 vote may affect UMass football.


Dan Malone reports UMass' recruiting strategy seems to be working.


BC Interruption thinks UMass' long term success will help the Eagles.

Some years ago, I swapped questions with one of the BC bloggers on BC Interruption. In one of my questions I asked if BC, given its high educational standards, could ultimately compete in the the ACC. When Boston College joined the ACC I initially thought it doomed the Eagles to being another Wake Forest--a perpetual 4 and 8 team (I know both Duke and Wake Forest have had a few good years lately). The reply was, if I remember right, the jury was still out if BC could compete with state-sponsored schools like NC State, Florida State and Virginia Tech. Well...

Since 2010 the Eagles are 30-45 (and six of Boston College's victories are against FCS teams) and 4-12 over the last two years in conference games.

It seems obvious that a New England rivalry would help UMass, BC and UConn. All three teams have some circumstances that provide difficulties for their programs. Nothin' is more fun that beating the team of the guy in the next cubicle over. A successful UMass program would provide leverage for both BC and UConn. It's a no-brainer IMHO.


Central Michigan hung with Minnesota for most of the Quick Lane Bowl, but ended up with a 14-21 loss.

That drops the MAC to 3-4, but still a pretty good showing.


James Ihedigbo supports Lions coach Jim Caldwell.


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