Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday--October 14th, 2015

Kent State has their game notes for UMass up.


Dan Malone reports on speaking with A.D. Ryan Bamford on schedule revisions and future games at McGuirk.

As I said yesterday, this is very good news for UMass football. Long term schedules with UConn and BC will help everybody's attendance numbers. Minutemen fans can take a day trip to the "away" games. Costs will be contained. Last year, UMass won more games than UConn did, so we should be competitive with the Huskies at least. The UMMB probably could attend at least some of the games at Chestnut Hill and at Rentschler.

Adding more games with FIU is good business too. The Panthers home turf is in UMass' recruiting wheelhouse and more exposure there could really help.

Being able to vary the split at Gillette to 2-4 should be big help in game flexibility also. Good work by Bamford!


Frohnapfel is OK after getting a hit on his throwing arm.

Coach Whipple talks about UMass' struggling running game.


Matty Vautour reports on the UMass run game situation.


The UMass Daily Collegian says the Minutemen look to get into a regular rhythm on offense.


BC Interruption talks about playing a series with UConn.


Hustle Belt looks at the rest of the UMass 2015 schedule.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- says the MAC conference put up some offensive numbers in Week #6.



Anonymous said...

Whipple needs to show he cares a little more!!

Anonymous said...

UMASS basketball ticket options are more confusing than a Chinese food menu!!