Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday--October 11th, 2015

Well, I was wrong about the point totals in that game. A couple of things jumped out while watching the game.

The first thing is Bowling Green is legit. They've got a ton of weapons. The Falcons didn't beat two Power Five teams for nothing .

The other thing is again, how out-sized we are on the defensive line. When UMass rushed three or four and moved everybody back, Bowling Green ran every time for 8 to 12 yards. When we packed the box or blitzed, the Falcons just threw over it. We really need four or five FBS-sized DL in the next recruiting cycle.

It didn't help we left 10 points on the table in the first quarter. And the no-call holding on the Minutemen four down try followed by the fumble on the next series essentially ended the game.

Still we had that big kick return, Ross Comis looked like he'll be UMass' QB for a while next year and everyone played hard. The media will be negative because negativity draws eyeballs. I'm still a UMass fan.

We'll start our winning stretch next week against Kent State. Go UMass!


Dan Malone reports UMass was buried in their MAC operner.

Dan has five takeaways from the Bowling Green loss.

Mark Whipple's after game comments.

Was Blake Frohnapfel feeling the pressure at yesterday's game.


Matt Vautour reports the Minutemen were blown out against Bowling Green.

Matt says UMass is at a critical juncture.


The combined record of teams UMass has played is 20-7.

Temple beat Tulane by 39.

FIU (yes, FIU) beat UTEP by 40.

Notre Dame crushed Navy.

Colorado lost the Arizona State.


And our game was lots more fun than Boston College's 0-3 loss to Wake Forest. The Deacons won with 5 total first downs...



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Sure would love having Brown as DC. He's really keeping the BC team alive in their games . . . head over heels better than Masella!

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