Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Tuesday--October 6th, 2015

UMass has its game notes for Bowling Green up.

Bowling Green has its weekly video press conference up.


Dan Malone reports on the start of MAC conference play.

Tajae Sharpe can't believe he's still drawing single coverage.

Dan wraps up UMass' win over Florida International.

Dan comments on the depth chart for Bowling Green. Let's hope we start getting some players back. The Minutemen defense played out of their minds Saturday, but they need some of the first stingers back.

Last week's performance against FIU got Blake Frohnapfel nominated for the Sugar Bowl's Manning Award. Pretend you're in Chicago and vote early and often.


Metro Daily News features UMass football graduate assistant Joe Kreinsen.


Campus Insiders ranks the MAC 7th in conference strength. Mentions UMass.


The Cleveland Plain Dealer has the good and the bad from the MAC's Week #5.

The Athens Post has a MAC notebook after week #5.


The Bowling Green news has a post on the Falcons win over Buffalo. I watched that game last evening on ESPN3 replay. Bowling Green's leading-the-NCAA QB Matt Johnson looked really good. He is great on the ball fake and on passes, gets the ball out quickly and accurately.


Lindy's Sports looks at last Saturday's results from the MAC.


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