Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday--October 18th, 2015

Well, we knew the predictions for a 6-6 season were razor thin. Basically, UMass needed to fix the flaws in the 2014 team. The kicking and punting game. The running game. The Minutemen needed to fill the hole left when Jean Sifrin declared for the NFL Draft. And we needed to stay healthy, because we have little depth, especially on defense.

The punting game is better and Rodney Mills is a good second receiver when healthy. The other goals are not happening so far. Marquis Young needs to be the starting TB. He just has more pop than anyone else. I know he's fumbled, but we need his rushing production.

There was a great crowd for the game and walking around before the contest felt like some of the big time schools Mrs Blog and I have visited. The fans want to support the team. We just need to win to make it happen.

I left early. I've had season tickets continuously since 1976. Probably missed less than ten home games in that period. Most of the ten or so were due to various relatives who selfishly scheduled their funerals on a Saturday. My protests that Aunt Martha would have wanted me to go to the game usually didn't cut any ice with Mrs. Blog.

I left early because it was my class reunion was being held that evening. The highlight of the reunion was a video address to the gathering by one of my classmates. He has ALS. This was a man who ran in the New York and London Marathons. He is now totally paralyzed except for his eyelids. Using his computer, he game a rousing speech to the class. He finds meaning in life and he's not going to quit. It was inspiring.

Nuthin' is easy. It was still a good week for UMass football with A.D. Ryan Bamford scheduling those future games against UConn and BC. See you at Gillette next Saturday.


UMass' writeup on the game.

Matty Vautour says the offense sputtered.

He also comments on how the big tailgate boosted Amherst businesses. Again, when Mrs Blog and I went to Notre Dame, we payed $209/night to stay 15 miles away from South Bend. Indiana makes tons of $$ of the sales tax, room tax, taxes the various businesses pay. If we had 30% of that, Massachusetts would be solidly in the black concerning the expenditures on UMass football.


Dan Malone reports on UMass dropping to 1-5.

Mark Whipple says the UMass offensive plan wasn't good. Kent State leads the MAC in just about every defensive category. What Ball State is to offense, the Golden Flashes are on defense.

Blake Frohnapfel and Jovan Santos-Knox talk about staying positive.

Dan asks if anything positive came out of the defeat.

Frohnapfel explains his safety.


Lots of blowouts in MAC conference games yesterday. Note the margin of victory of Bowling Green over Akron.



Minutefanjsf said...

Hi frank. You've confused ball state with bowling green. Easy mistake, but I know you don't like making errors like that.

UMass74 said...

You're right. Thought Bowling Green, typed Ball State. Thanks for the correction.

Stupid keyboard. Keeps screwing up my brilliant, insightful prose :)

TopUMassFan said...

The word that best describes yesterday's game is discouraging.

We had the crowd, we were in Amherst, we had the right opponent, we were favored to win....we lost.

Our offense disappeared, Froh is struggling, our run game is non-existent. Even "Whip"said he didn't "have a good plan".


If this team is going to salvage this season, they need to "do their job" and lay it on the line...for the TEAM, not for themselves.

They need to play with pride, passion, aggressively and for 60 minutes. Play fired-up football like Joey Colton. No more stupid mistakes or penalties.

To a degree, the immediate future of the program rests on these next six games. Getting better recruits and getting an invite to a league depends on these next six games.

It all starts with Toledo next Saturday.

Let's stop talking about winning and just do it!