Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday--October 26th, 2015


MassLive has a video with Tajae Sharpe talking about the Minutemen's second half troubles.

Dan Malone has more on the lack of second half offensive production by UMass' offense.

Dan also runs the numbers from UMass' loss to Toledo.


Tajae Sharpe is #1 in the nation in receptions/game!

7th in receiving yards.


Toledo fell one notch in the AP Top-25 poll despite beating UMass.

The MAC Conference site has more on the Rockets.


Keepers College football ratings has (.htm download):

Ball State by 1.82 over UMass
Notre Dame by 16.6 over undefeated Temple
Florida International by 10.27 over Florida Atlantic
BC by 3.72 over Virginia Tech (!?)
East Carolina by 8.69 over UConn.

Covers has Ball State by 3.


Victor Cruz' calf still hasn't healed.


James Ihedigbo says the Lions aren't ready to give up.


Woman to face 2nd degree murder charges in OSU homecoming crash.



vetteson said...

No sense in rehashing the obvious, previous posts identified all that is wrong in second half.

Need players.

Young is going to be a good back

Need (desperately) a tight end and a defensive end

Nesmith is going to be good receiver

Dave Root said...

This season is surprising to me: I really thought we could win some games. It's a funny team because they played Temple very tough and they are nationally ranked and we almost won. We are definitely snake-bit but the Kent State game was a head scratcher. It's all about $$$$ and UMass is making plenty of it compared to the 1AA days. WE'RE NOT DROPPING FOOTBALL!!!!