Sunday, October 04, 2015

Sunday--October 4th, 2015

Hey UMass fans! That was a win to be proud of. It's a game we'll reminisce about in future years.

The Minutemen 1st, 2nd, and 3rd string TE's were out, as well as the NT, most of the defensive line and starting safety. Despite the huge size difference, UMass dominated all phases of the game.

Despite not having a TE, UMass rang up 29 first downs and 495 yards of offense. Frohnapfel went 34-42 363 yards and 3TD's. With no blocking TE available, UMass used ex-QB's A.J. Doyle and Todd Stafford in the "heavy" package and that didn't help the short yardage running game. FIU is still #2 in Conference USA rushing defense, BTW.

On Defense, the UMass Smerfs were all over the Panthers' offense. The Minutemen held the much bigger SIU offense to 188 total yards. Kassan Messiah, Joe Colton and Peter Angeh had great games.

And Holy Crap! Logan Laurent kicked a 48 yard field goal! That was the longest field goal since Armando Cuko.

As short handed as the Minutemen were, it was a great effort. Yeah, we should have scored more points, but style counts in gymnastics, not football. Given the circumstances, the UMass effort was memorable.

Logan Laurent


Another sack

Blake Fronapfel

Marken Michel ices the game

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Boston College lost to Duke.

Colorado lost to Oregon.

Clemson stopped a Notre Dame two-point conversion with 7 seconds left to play to beat the Irish.



Anonymous said...

Those dress grays are the bomb!

Anonymous said...

Did UMass change its colors to gray? How hard is it to outfit teams in the appropriate colors?

izy1 said...

Great win for UMASS! So whats your problem with the grey?
Nice change up.
Now with a positive attitude, hope they build on that for the next game

Anonymous said...

The school colors are maroon and white, not gray and not black. Wear the school colors. Remember, UMass is not the Gray Wolves.

Anonymous said...

As usual it's UMASS vs. UMASS, the fans love to criticize, but hate to donate.

TopUMassFan said...

I do tend to agree...Maroon and White are the school colors but lets focus on something more important : Why werent there more fans there? Central and Western MA fans bitch that the games are at Gillette but when the game is in Amherst, where are they?

Minutefanjsf said...

Many schools (including P5 powerhouses) use neutral gray as a third uniform color choice that includes the dominant colors as highlights or contrast. I have no problem with it. I think they looked pretty sharp. I wouldn't care if they were wearing blue and green plaid if they play defense like that for the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

You mean why there was roughly the same number of people at a game in Amherst as there was in Gillette, despite the fact EMass has a vastly larger population and far more alums? Excellent question. Why weren't there more fans? The team is terrible and playing FIU.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what many schools do? It looks terrible and is a dumb idea. They look terrible and are not the schools colors. Does tradition mean nothing to people? Changing uniforms and helmets is a cheap way to try to make up for a bad product. It's what failing businesses do because real change is too hard or expensive.

TopUMassFan said...

You've got 28,000+ students ON CAMPUS! It's their team, ytheir up to a game!

You're only going if the team is winning? Be a fair-weather fan, that's the attitude we want!

If you're a fan of college football, go to the game, it doesn't matter if they're playing FIU or URI, go to the game.

Minutefanjsf said...

Having alternate uniforms, including different color schemes, is the current trend in athletics, even professional ranks, Celtics gray uniforms for example. That is what I meant by stating other schools do this. The students and players like the idea and I thought the uniforms looked good. I guess if I was looking for maroon and white I might not be able to see that..... As to attendance, the fact that the students entered the game and were counted for what looked like 4-5k of the 13k, is like counting apples to oranges with the Gillette games. Somewhere near 8k paying fans showed up and kids got in for short money. I wish there were a way, aside from fair weather fans, to merge the two demographics (students and Eastern Ma fans), but it is clear that the adult population in western MA doesn't support the team. I am a western ma resident who attends all the home games and made it to ND, btw. There were about the same amount of adult fans in south bend rooting for the Minutemen as there were in Amherst.