Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday--October 25th, 2015

Wow! this is turning out to be a terrible year for injuries. Yesterday Kelton Bracket and Trey Seals DNP. Marken Michel got hurt in the first quarter and did not return. From then on it seemed as if we were losing players every other play.

The injury to Sekai Lindsay seemed to really take the wind out of UMass' sails. I think the defense played most of the game with minimal substitutions. No wonder they got tired in the second half.

Jovan Santos-Knox had 20 TT's. That was the most single-game tackles by a player since 2004.

UMass gave the undefeated Rockets all they could handle in the first half. Remember everyone in the weekly score poll was predicting a total blowout by the Rockets. The Minutemen did a good job defensively against Toledo's running game. UMass played a crappy game against Kent State last week. Against the Rockets the Minutemen played with spirit. I think it was a good effort by everyone. I hope we get some people back for the Ball State game.


UMass's writeup.

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Matty Vautour points out UMass isn't playing as many close games this year.

Matty says UMass came apart in the second half.


Dan Malone says UMass gave up 5 straight TD's.

Dan has five takeaways from the Toledo loss.

Whipple says the Minutemen will keep on playing.


Wicked Local reports UMass came up short in an upset bid.


ESPN says Toledo completes a big comeback.


All the MAC results here.


Temple stayed undefeated.

FIU blew out Old Dominion.

Colorado beat Oregon State.

Notre Dame had a bye.


All but two of college football's undefeated teams won yesterday.


Boston College lost their fifth straight.

UConn lost by 24 to Cincinnati.


Condolences to the Oklahoma State family after a drunk driver killed four and injured 47 at OKU's homecoming parade.



Anonymous said...

Better fire the Defensive Coordinator and Whipple play calling is very questionable

izy1 said...

First half was a heck of a game. Not sure what keep happening at the half but they get killed.
Tough loss for the team

Creighton said...

I can't get a straight thought about what's happening to our team. I can't pinpoint it.
Are the guys not physically conditioned enough to last 4 quarters?
Does the opposing coaching staff accurately adjust their team to us in the second half?
Do the guys on the field get mentally distracted at halftime and let up?
All of theses are coaching based. I think Whip is the right man, but making some big adjustments to these gaps should be his priority right now, because recruiting and conference membership are about to be his problem with a season like this.

MinuteFan said...

Maybe an easier way to understand what is happening is to try and look at things from the opponents perspective. No matter how much a coach tries to tell his team that UMass can be dangerous, it is hard to get an undefeated team fired up to play a team that is 6-37 over the last 4 years and routinely gives up 50+ points. These good teams are taking UMass lightly, then they fall behind and start taking it seriously.

From the UMass perspective, these kids are so conditioned to losing now that they seem to know its coming, a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. I talked to a bunch of fans at halftime, and even with an 18 point lead we all were waiting for the shoe to drop in the 2nd half. That feeling has clearly infected the coaching staff as well. Up by 18 with at the one yard line with 6 seconds left in the half and no timeouts, don't screw around inviting disaster that all too frequently has happened this year. Its Blake Fronhapfel, not Tom Brady back there. Too many things can go wrong. Kick the FG, go up by 21, get the ball to start the second half. What you are saying to your team is that a 21 point lead at the half won't be enough. After playing that well for almost 30 minutes, end the half on an up note!

If you were there you saw that even in the first half, any time Toledo put 4 or 5 receivers out in spread, at least 2 or 3 were WIDE open every play. The Toledo QB just played terribly in the first half. Jette's INT was a great play, the other two were awful throws. If he had any accuracy, Toledo would have scored 30 in the first half too. Toledo likes to run, and credit to UMass D for stopping that. It took Toledo a while to abandon the run, spread the field and realize they had their pick of wide open targets on every play.

The future of this program will really be judged in 2017. Face it, even an improved team will be lucky to win 3 games next year with that schedule. At least in 2017, they will play teams they SHOULD be able to compete with. I'm hanging in there. But I have to admit I'm beginning to miss the CAA and actual competitive football.

Dave Root said...

I'm not writing off the UMies just quite yet. We should win 1 or 2 more this year. We're not moving back down to 1AA, no way. We'd drop football before that ever happened.