Thursday, October 01, 2015

Thursday--October 1st, 2015

FIU has their game notes up.

The Panthers have a video interview with Coach Turner and Panther players about this week's game with UMass.


Dan Malone has Khary Bailey-Smith is done for the season a Sha-Ki Holnes is unlikely against FIU.

Injuries have Coach Whipple getting creative with John Robinson-Woodgett.

Ross Comis believes he proved something against the Irish.

UMass has a pretty cool highlight video against Notre Dame.


The Collegian says FIU is a "must win" game for the Minutemen.

The Collegian reports Mike Caggiano looks to seize the day at kicker.


The Boston Herald reports there are talks about Boston College, UConn and UMass playing each other regularly. This would be good news for all three schools. There should be a New England Champ trophy. A New England series would help all three school's attendance and it would be a low cost bus trip. It's too good an idea to not to happen.

Quote from the article:"Eagles athletic director Brad Bates likes the idea of having the three New England FBS schools playing each other on a regular basis."


FIU's two wins are over winless UCF and 1-2 North Carolina Central. UCF is so bad a local bar is offering free beer until the Knights win.


The Miami Herald says FIU needs to run the ball against UMass.

Temple hopes to use the lessons of the UMass game against UCC.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ranks the MAC after five weeks.

The Athens Post notes the MAC is playing well in the conference's OOC schedule.

Western Michigan looks to have a big MAC season.


BTW, two of the three teams UMass has played this year are undefeated. Colorado meets a humbled Oregon. Note that the Minutemen hung more points on the Irish than the Ducks did against Utah.


Victor Cruz is hurt again.



MinuteFan said...

Frank, Colorado is not undefeated. They lost their opener at Hawaii.

UMass74 said...

You're right! I goofed on that. With UMass starting a week late, the opening games seem a long time ago. I'll fix the post.