Friday, October 02, 2015

Friday--October 2nd, 2015

UMass-FIU will be televised on ESPN3

Temple-Charlotte is on CBSN tonight as well as UConn @ BYU on ESPN2.


Dan Malone has a podcast with Miami Herald's David J. Neal.

Charan Singh will bet a chance to replace Khary Bailey-Smith in the UMass defensive backfield.

Dan scouts the FIU Panthers by the numbers.

Dan has quotes from Coach Whipple on FIU and Kelton Brackett.

He also has a post on the concessions upgrade for the first home game at Amherst.

Dan has five keys to the FIU game.

Dan looks at tomorrow's game with the Panthers.


Matty Vautour says both UMass and FIU are battling injuries.

Matty also has Charan Singh looking to fill some big shoes Saturday.


FIU's website previews the UMass game.


The Boston Globe says UMass is looking for their first win.


Two Miami Herald writers split predictions for Saturday's game.


Hustle Belt's Jesse Allen trades questions with Underdog Dynasty.


Keepers College football rankings has FIU by 4.03 over UMass (.htm download). He also has Colorado over Oregon, Duke over BC , Temple over Charlotte and Clemson over Notre Dame.

Vegas Insider has UMass by -3.


Special thanks to the Blog reader who sent me a link saying 2013 UMass TE recruit Terrell Correia is playing at Dean College (.pdf download).

Correia's 2013 UMass bio.


Rene Ingoglia worked ESPNU's coverage of the Texas Southern-Alabama State game last night. Rene did his usual excellent job.



Anonymous said...

Memo to UMASS marketing-do your job! Your web site has 2014-2015 schedule for tickets for BOTH Hockey and Basketball..smh.

UMass74 said...

Four games into the season, there is no UMass press guide either...

Anonymous said...

Does Ucon's latest loss to BYU take them out of the national championship game? Every time I hear or see their coach I am reminded of Charley Molnar.