Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Wednesday--March 4th, 2015

The Boston College blog "BC Interruption" looks at the three New England FBS teams and concludes the Eagles are better.


Remember commentators would always mention linemen when discussing the FBS-FCS divide? Phil Steele has the top 150 incoming offensive and defensive linemen for 2015. Unless I missed it, all 300 signed with Power Five conferences.


SB Nation continues its 2015 previews with MAC East team Ohio.


SB Nation also says regional NFL Combines are a low budget equivalent of American Idol.


ESPN report at least 14 cities are considering bids for future college football championship games.


Victor Cruz wants you to eat your veggies.


James Ihedigbo wants Nadmukong Suh to return to the Lions.



Anonymous said...

UMASS fans have hit a new low. The team, played hard enough defense to win. Even though the offense was poor, they had a three waved off(Hinds),one go in and out, missed a layup(Davis) and two free throws late(Clark). Yet still were onlt down two,with 1:30 left. Message board tough guys like 78, Joleons..., and EBox to name a few are a disgrace. Ripping players, hoping some transfer, etc. No idea how to support a program,as Pitino said about Massachusetts,it applies here. The negativity sucks, and keeps the team down. Ripping players who work their arses off year round is disgusting, these experts are sure to be perfect in their life. If they want to criticize anyone, it should be the athletic department that provides a poor atmosphere at games. Mickey Mouse contests, poor marketing, a band that plays over announcements,like tonite,the PA announcer telliing Maxie Escho scored his 1000 point at the same time the band is playing. Finally poor attendance which is on everyone, since we know there is no other comparable athletic contests out in WMASS. The frustration is a direct reflection on how miserable their own day to day lives are.

UMass74 said...

Mrs Blog and I were there. We had tickets for seven home games. Made five; once I was ill and one blizzard :)

Pretty good turnout by the students. You're right that the atmosphere was a little flat. I did get a nice free "UMass Court Club" T-shirt.

Hopefully, the new AD will energize UMass sports. They announced the UMass women's basketball team won their first A10 tournament game in 10 years. The University spends well over $1 million/yr on women's basketball. Last figures I saw, football was the fifth expensive UMass sport on a cost per player basis.