Thursday, March 05, 2015

Thursday--March 5th, 2015

UMass Football Twitter feed
Whipple gets interviewed by ESPN about Jean Sifrin.


Keith Dudzinski, now defensive coordinator at Maryland, switches the Terps to a 4-3.


USA Today has a MAC Conference Spring prospectus.

They do the same for Conference USA.


Fan Sided says NIU should be in a Power Five conference.


Berry Trammel says a cold weather college football championship game is unlikely.


Victor Cruz updates his recovery process.

Victor hopes to be 100% by May or June.


1 comment:

TopUMassFan said...

Hey "BC Indigestion",

Get your facts straight...or get your head checked!

The MAC didn't kick us out at the end of this year; they exercised an option to make UMass a full member and we declined. WE WALK AWAY AT THE END OF THE YEAR. Better things lay down the road for us than the MAC.

Second, you claimed we picked up "a couple of guys for running backs"... According to one service, we got the #74 RB out of the Top 150 incoming RB's. The highest rated incoming RB for the "group of Five".

Tell all the facts, not just the ones that benefit you.

Can't wait to face you again, as soon as possible!