Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday--March 18th, 2015

Matty Vautour writes that UMass will bring four A.D. candidates to Amherst for interviews this Friday. Three are listed in the story. The fourth is unknown.

UMass sports really needs a shot in the arm. Let's hope the committee gets this one right.

Jim Fiore's Wikipedia bio.

Fiore's Dynamic Sports bio.

This article says Fiore did a lot as A.D. for Stony Brook.

I've already blogged about Ryan Bamford.

Allen Greene's Buffalo bio.

Green was involved in the facilities upgrade at Buffalo.


Former UMass assistant coach Bryan Crist has been hired as wide receivers coach at Youngstown State.


The Toledo Blade previews the 2015 Rockets.


Victor Cruz says his recovery is going well.


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Anonymous said...

The job Fiore did at SBU was outstanding. An anonymous source can wreck anyone's reputation. But it does not make it true. We have another idiot badmouthing Bamford on other board's with vague accusations. Probably a friend was told to get lost looking for something for nothing. Stony Brook's facilities became better than UMASS under Fiore, who can network. UM needs someone to connect to the Boston alumni base, which makes Fiore a much better candidate.