Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday--March 16th, 2015

UMass has a new version of the Spring Roster up. It has twelve new players for Spring ball. Most of them we've heard of, such as Randall West. Some, however, are new.

Newly listed are:

Christian Appia LB from Edison, NJ. Three different sources list him as 5-11 235, 6-0 208 and Hudl has him as 5-10 203.

Appia #6/ Amanda Brown image video here.

MaxPreps has some stats.

This article features Appia.


Also listed is Mehki Williams, 5-8 155 RB from Roxbury, MA

Billy Owens image
Averaged 7.5 yards/carry according to MaxPreps.

Boston Globe 2014 Phelps Scholar Athlete (includes some of his track times).


Another new player is Theo Yongue a kicker from Nyack, NY

Hudl,com image has highlights.


Miami (Ohio) tries to build its way back to relevance.


The Colorado Buffs are trying the same approach.



Anonymous said...

UMASS was the only school that did not have their mascot in Brooklyn. ????

Anonymous said...

Any one bothered by the fact our assistant AD, is showering St. Bonnie with love, while still collecting a check from umass? Either stop collecting your check or stop working for Bonnies until you are on their payroll. Meanwhile, nothing being done marketing, promoting umass football. Glad we are getting new staff, just wish our old staff is now working for the comp, while being paid to represent umass.