Monday, March 09, 2015

Monday--March 9th, 2015

From the UMass Football Twitter feed
It may hit 50 degrees this week!  We should have a pool on when all the snow will be gone. Dibs on August 5th.


UMass recruit Andy Isabella won the State of Ohio Division I 60-meter dash with a time of 6.80.

Mayfield Athletics Twitter feed


A Hustle Belt writer predicts the 2015 season for Bowling Green. He includes a win over UMass on October 24th. Everybody is having a great season in these predictions :)

A Ball State writer does the same thing for Ball State and predicts another win over the Minutemen.


2015 OOC opponent Florida International adds a defensive coach.


USA Today says Appalachian State and Georgia Southern are rising fast in the Sun Belt league.


OT, but John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats are celebrating a 31-0 season. Calipari has some quotes about UMass in this article.

From the article:

On getting his jersey retired at UMass ...

"It's neat. What they're doing is honoring that grouping of players in the 90s. I've gotten a bunch of calls from those guys and if you've ever started your first company, then it's your baby. It was all of us coming together as a staff and more about that than me specifically, but I do appreciate it. I'm honored. My daughters went to school there. It's where we raised our children. That's our home and we still consider it that. My son went to a prep school that was 10 minutes from there and he wasn't even born up there, but he still wants to be near UMass and Derek Kellogg. It's a neat thing."


UMass fans should take a high blood pressure pill before reading this piece by Dan Shaughnessy: UMass is making a big mistake honoring John Calipari.

Apparently Shaughnessy and the Globe are still sulking about not getting invited to Calipari's house thirty years ago...

That article takes pettiness to a whole new level.


Victor Cruz tells Odell Beckham to watch out for Media. Sports writers wouldn't be vain, petty and carry a grudge would they?



Anonymous said...

Shaughnessy's article was particularly nasty and uncalled for. It's pretty clear that the Globe has a negative attitude for Umass but this was rude in the extreme.

Anonymous said...

Shaughnessy was spot on. UMass spending cash to honor Cal, after it was he who caused us to vacate a final four? Embarassing in the extreme. I still have to apologize and explain for him while traveling the country when talking with older bball fans. They are VERY quick to point out that we never officially had a final four. I am pulling out from further donations to the university after this. Sure, the Globe has a bug up their butt over not being invited to Cal's house, but that article hit the nail on the head-taxpayer money to honor a guy who brought success, and ended in disgrace? Dumb.

Anonymous said...

It's true that Calipari has left a trail of woe wherever he has been,
It's true that his Kentucky standard is the opposite of what constitutes a program of "student athletes".
But there is no reason to trash the UMass football program!!!!!

Anonymous said...

couldn't disagree more