Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday--March 20th, 2015

It's Spring today! The vernal equinox happens at 22:45. There's also a total eclipse of the sun, but you've got be above the arctic circle to see totality. Lots of traditional celebrations for Spring: St Patrick's Day (sowing of peas in Ireland), Feast of Eostre (Saxon goddess of Spring) and Easter (first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox).

It's 12 degrees in Jaffrey with snow showers later today.


A article reports on the free-agency of college quarterbacks and notes twelve teams started transfer QB's last season (including UMass).


The Ralphie Report has a story about the Buffs Spring Game.


Two Temple football players were charged with aggravated assault after an off campus fight.

The Owls had their Pro Day Wednesday.


Florida International's Spring Football guide.

The Panthers started Spring practice yesterday.


The SEC rules Notre Dame, BYU and Army as "Power Five" opponents.


Boston College also held their Pro Day recently.


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Anonymous said...

Too bad the VCU AD was just looking for a raise. Don't hire Greene, a fund raiser for ND for a year. Which is the equivalent of being a toll taker on the MassPike. Then spending a few years in Miss. which has nothing in common with Mass.Then in charge of keeping UB football stadium empty-a job well done. The Sharon Dawley crowd has blocked Fiore, they threatened to boycott UMASS sports. Which they have done forever already- a job well done. OK Bamford, you can start Monday.