Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday--April 30th, 2014

USA  Today starts a college football preview countdown and has UMass as #128, last in all of football. Behind 0-12 Miami, behind 0-12 Georgia State.

Dan Malone also has a mention of USA Today's article. Dan doesn't think that image is Coach Whipple either.
My dear friends, I can only say "Bleep 'em all----- Go UMass!"


Dan has a story on UMass' OOC opponent Penn State being projected to a seven win season. The article has an image of Coach Whipple's son Austin Whipple handing the ball off in the Nittany Lion's Blue and White game.

Austin Whipple's Penn State bio.

Stats from the Blue & White game here. Austin went 1-6 7 Yards 1 INT.


A UMass Daily Collegian looks at his efforts to cover UMass Sports.


UMass has raised $44 Million so far in it's "UMass Rising" campaign.


Former UMass player Jason Tudryn has taken a job at UNC. Tudryn was a four-year letter winner with the Minutemen 1992, 93, 94 and 95.


Many college football administrations believe the FBS football playoffs will expand in the next 10 years.


2014 OOC opponent Colorado has its first ever sophomore captains.

The Buffs are also allowing more academically at-risk recruits.


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Anonymous said...

Not sure where you got your "UMass Rising" number, but, according to a university web site the campaign has raised

$233 million dollars

on its way to the goal of

$300 million