Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday--April 22nd, 2014

Dan Malone reports UMass has added Florida International to it's 2015 and 2018 schedule.

The FIU notice is here. In 2013 FIU went 1-11 with a loss to Bethune-Cookman. The Panthers did have a nice win over UAB for their homecoming.

FBS Schedules has a post on the match-up.


Matty Vautour looks at the ramifications of future UMass schedules.

I'm not sure on how to read the tea leaves on future schedules. Playing four BCS teams as OOC opponents is brutal. No one else does this (see my blog post of April 15th). Playing two money games would be good and three would be pushing the limit if we want to have an chance for a winning season.

Probably the ideal schedule would be two money games, one winnable FBS game such as FIU and one  local FCS game such as Maine, UNH or RI.


The Sun-Sentinel looks at the results of FIU's spring game.


Meanwhile, Akron is looking forward to a big 2014 season.


Will Penn State change their uniforms for 2014?


OT, but this article mentions several players UMass hoops is recruiting.


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Anonymous said...

Agree with "overdoing" it with the pay games. Everyone keeps saying "win" and you'll build a fanbase. It won't happen by playing what amounts to non-winnable OOC games for cash. The MAC games have had 0 margin for error, having lost almost all of those for the last two years. We should play "like" competition with the goal to win the majority of those. I easily see starting this upcoming season at 0-4 before hitting the conference schedule.