Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Tuesday--April 8th, 2014

UMass should buy the copyright for this article and and hand it out to recruits.

Partial quotes:

" UMass also provided a top-notch education. Cruz knew he had to earn his degree before moving on with his career. “My mother wouldn’t have it any other way,” he says. “She told me I wasn’t leaving that place until I came home with that piece of paper.”

On the field, UMass’s football team gave Cruz the chance to play the position he felt was right for him. He says, “[UMass] wanted me to play wide receiver. Every other school was looking at me as a defensive back.” From his first official visit, he got along well with his teammates and coaches. “Guys just took me in,” Cruz says. “I felt like I was already attending the school.


A Bleacher Report writer says Penn State won't break into a sweat in its early schedule.


Kent State receives $850,000 for playing at Ohio State this year.


Speaking of Victor Cruz, ESPN looks at Cruz and the other Giants receivers.


The Detroit Lions hope James Ihedigbo's Super Bowl experience will boost their own changes.


The results from Boston College's Spring game.


Colorado looks to improve on their 108th in the nation ,120.8 yards per game rushing totals in 2014.

The Minutemen were 104th.


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