Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday--April 21st, 2014

One thing I was planning on asking Coach Whipple if our paths ever crossed was if he was planning any uniform tweaks for this year. All the players were wearing the maroon helmet at the Spring Game. White pants also made a comeback. Maroon helmets, maroon jerseys and white pants would be a good home combination. A maroon helmet and white jerseys and white pants would be good for travel (but we would look like Temple clones).


The StarpPress covers Bowling Green's final practice. Mentions UMass.


The UMMB was at the Marathon Tribute yesterday.


Hustle Belt has a series of articles on MAC NFL Draft hopefuls.


Penn State's new HC James Franklin is making a splash in recruiting.

As is former UMass coach Sean Spencer for the Nittany Lions. Spencer's Penn State bio.


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Umass picked up a home and home series against FIU in 2015 & 2018.