Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday--April 12th, 2014

Dan Malone reports that former UMass QB Mike Wegzyn will join the Tennessee Volunteers. Good luck to Mike. Hope he has a successful two years with Tennessee.


Marshall's Rakeem Cato is seeing more reps in spring ball due to Blake Frohnapfel's transfer to UMass.


Toledo is having a quarterback battle this spring. On October 10th, the Minutemen will have their first ever visit to the Rockets.


The Detroit News says James Ihedigbo brings a champion's work ethic to Lions.

The Macomb says Ihedigbo will step up as a leader.


Colorado will visit Gillette on September 9th; QB depth is not a strength with the Buffs.

The Buffs spring game is today. Channel 409 on Dish has the Pac 10 Network.


Penn State's spring game is also today. This article has viewing options.



Anonymous said...

1999 UMass played at Toledo. It was beginning of the string to play an FBS team a year, I believe.

Anonymous said...

1999 UMass played at Toledo.

Anonymous said...

Piccucci destroyed Wegzyn's confidence his first year and I don't think he recovered. Best of luck to him.

Anonymous said...

I didn't take much to destroy confidence. Hope he does a good job as the back up holder for extra points at Tenn.

Anonymous said...

Picucci was best coach on the staff. Mike cant play division 1. All of us players could see that. All you fans saw that too. Easy to blame someone else.
By far the best coach at Umass in years. Just look at the players and teammates of mine he turned Pro. Enough said.

UMass74 said...

OK, no more bashing of either. Let's be good sports and hope they both prosper at their new schools.