Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday--April 14th, 2014

Dan Malone reviews the UMass WR video here. I did a post on the video and the Minutemen receiving corps back on last Wednesday.

As Dan points out, the offensive production of the receivers was flat out bad in 2013. Receiving yards fell from 2244 in 2012 to 1877 in 2014.

Dan also has five questions with Shakur Nesmith. Shakur's UMass bio here.

Nesmith is blessed with a NFL-sized body at 6-4 200 pounds. However, two career catches won't impress any scouts. Nesmith has the chance to be an impact player for the Minutemen, but we'll have to see how his desire and work ethic shows in the next four years.


Dan also has five questions with Shadrach Abrowah. His UMass bio here. In addition to a great football name, Abrowah is a powerlifter. That's my game, but right now I'm more of a bench-only guy.

Abrowah ran well when given the chance. He should be in the mix for FB, short yardage and the goal line offense.


Dan has a post on the helmet-cam video of Trey Dudley-Giles.


Hustle Belt has a feature on Khalil Mack who's about to usher in a new age of Mid-Major players in the NFL. Sorta like Victor Cruz :)

Matt Daily of Hustle Belt looks a Bowling Green safety Boo-Boo Gates chances in the NFL draft.


ESPN has a story on what was learned from Penn State's game.


Colorado names it's captains for 2014. Yesterday I watched the Buffs spring game on DVR. A little over 6,000 fans showed up to see the game.

In other news from Colorado, the Centennial State's first marijuana vending machine is about to start operation.


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Is the spring game on TV or can I get an internet feed.